Europe, return to God!

In the famous Capitol in Rome leaders of European countries signed on the 29th of October 2004 the first foundational law for the European Union. Not many people realised that on the same date, but 1693 years earlier, in A.D. 312, the first Roman Emperor that had been converted to the Christian Faith, Constantine the Great, entered the city of Rome. The day before he claimed to have seen the sign of the cross in the heavens, hearing the message: "In this sign you will overcome." From that day there was freedom in the Roman Empire for Christians to worship Jesus. The next Emperor Theodosius made the Christian Religion in A.D. 380 official in the Empire.

It is important to observe that there is no mention of Christianity in the new Foundational European Law, while it has contributed for centuries so much to the culture and development of Europe. It is evident that there are powerful political currents in Europe that want to erase all that reminds of the Christian Faith. This is not only evident in various political decisions, but also from details, that are not too well known. Take the following incident: Just before the signing of the new Foundational Law in the Capitol - in which once the god Jupiter, for the Greeks Zeus, was worshipped -, the statue of the Christian Emperor Constantine had to be removed out of the building. There were possibly practical reasons for the removal, but nevertheless, the deeper meaning of this action may not escape the watchful Christian.

Statements of European leaders point in an antichristian direction and make it clear that Europe wants to move out off the Christian era. A former Italian president of the European Union is recorded as having said several times: "We are almost approaching our goal, the revival of the great Roman Empire as in the days of emperor August." The following statement of the representative of the European Parliament was made at the occasion of the opening of its new building in Strasbourg: "What they began to build 3000 years ago - the reference was to the building of the tower of Babylon, the story is found in Genesis chapter eleven - we want to complete now." Such statements cannot be regarded as a joke, but must be taken seriously. It is interesting to know that the design of this building was inspired by the famous painting of Peter Brueghel, 'The tower of Babylon.' Surely, do such remarks not show the arrogant and godless intentions of leaders in Europe? Europe must become a great power and a big economical force in the world.

The conclusion is inevitable: The present leaders of the European Union have made a definite and clear decision to ignore the importance of Christianity and to obliterate the name of God and His Son Jesus Christ. Every reference God and Christianity is let out in the text of the Foundational Law.

The above was written in 2005. Now, in 2012, I add to it that God allows the present economical and financial problems to move us to return to Him. It is my on the Bible based conviction that the ungodly arrogance of leaders that do not want to believe in God and to be dependant of His blessing, will lead us to the downfall of the dream of an united Europe. There is only one way back. Not only pumping enormous amounts of money in countries that are in financial trouble, but the way of repentance of our arrogance and unbelief in the Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ, and renew our faith and trust in Him. Only if we go this way Europe will not disintegrate as the civilisation around the tower of Babylon. I appeal to Christians all over the world: Please pray for Europe that it may return to God.

26 June 2012, T. J. de Ruiter, emeritus pastor and teacher in the Netherlands


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