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1. The Commander of the LORD
2.  The sun of righteousness
3.  Henceforth? Luke 2:51
4.  Evangelism in Africa. Uganda, June 2012
5.  Quote of mother Theresa
6.  Dutch Foundation Support Christian Ministries

1. The Commander of the LORD

 As commander of the army of the LORD I have now come.

Joshua 5:14 (RSV)

Joshua had crossed the river Jordan with the people of Israel and faced now the task to possess the land. The first challenge in the promised land was before him, to conquer Jericho.

He had undoubtedly gone to the field to be alone, to pray and to think deeply how he could take Jericho with its great walls. It seemed to be an impossible task for him and his people. He stood suddenly still as if he was glued to the ground. Out of nowhere came an impressive figure with a sword in his hand. Joshua asked him: "Are you for us, or for our adversaries?" The question was understandable, it was important for Joshua to know if he had to do with an ally or with an adversary. The answer of this awesome figure was: "No; but as commander of the army if the LORD I have now come."

The implication of this reaction is clear. God over the command over the battle. The rest of the story shows that the LORD God had helped Israel mightily indeed. The walls of the city sank in the ground and the Israelites could walk into the city and take it in.

Dear reader, perhaps you are in these days also faced with a difficult problem and you worry seriously how to conquer it. Why not take some time to be alone and seek the LORD, to ask Him to help you. Try to enter into the presence of the LORD and open your heart for Him. Perhaps you will experience a strange encounter with Him as Joshua did. Bow before the LORD and put your shoes off as Joshua had to do. You are in the presence of the LORD. Give the LORD the command over your life and situation. All you have to do is to trust and obey.

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2. The sun of righteousness

A testimony of Tessa de Ruiter

Recently, in the Spring, we saw cows with their calves coming out off the stable for the first time after the cold and long Winter. They jumped on their four legs and run as fast as they could. It was a joy to see how these cows expressed their joy to be in the fresh air. This made me remember of an experience of Tessa in 1995. We were lodging in Rugby to visit Jean Neil. She had been several times in Holland to testify of her divine healing. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke had prayed for her to come out off her wheelchair, because she was paralysed as the result of a tragic accident. When Reinhard prayed for her, she stood up and began to run. It was an astonishing miracle. Her husband could not believe what he saw. Now we were with Jean in the same International Conference Hall in Birmingham to listen to Benny Hinn. When the time of worship had come and the great choir sang. We closed our eyes and worshipped the Lord. Suddenly Tessa saw, with her eyes closed, a text above the platform. This is what she saw:

The Sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings.

The full text is Malachi 4:2

“But for you who fear my name the sun of righteousness shall rise, with healing in its wings. You shall go forth leaping like calves from stall.”

On the same moment that she saw this text she felt a touch of the Lord in her stomach. Sour fruit, like apples, she had not been able to eat. But from this healing touch she can eat any fruit.

T. J. de Ruiter

 3. Henceforth?

Luke 2:51 “And he went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was obedient to them.”

In the Dutch New Bible there is added in this sentence the word ‘voortaan,’ (“and was hun voortaan gehoorzaam”). This verse is which is translated into English ‘henceforth’ or ‘from now on.’ I cannot find this adverb in another Dutch translation and in most, if not all, English Bibles, this word is also not found in this verse. The suggestion of this word in the Dutch New Bible is usually that before that moment He had sometimes been disobedient. But that suggestion is not acceptable for me. In the Greek manuscripts this word does not occur. This word ‘voortaan’ is clearly an addition of the experts that are responsible for this new Dutch Bible, published in 2004.

Jesus had never  been disobedient to His parents. I suspect that when the time had come to travel back to Nazareth there was a kind of a deal made with Jesus that He would come as soon as possible and that the time had not been specified. The search of Joseph and Mary was motivated by anxiety and fear (verse 48). It must have been very difficult for His parents to understand and follow Jesus, for He was an exceptional intelligent, charismatic and a completely pure child.

I regret therefore that the experts of this New Dutch Translation added this word ‘voortaan’ in this sentence.

T. J. de Ruiter

4. Evangelism in Africa. CfaN in Uganda, June 2012

Evangelist Daniel Kolanda wrote: “Tonight,on Saturday, after I preached the Gospel, there was an overwhelming response from those who wanted to repent of their sins and put their faith in Jesus Christ. Thousands were born again into the Kingdom of God. And the blood that brought salvation is the same blood that brought healing tonight;

A lady who had four lumps in her breasts said that, during the prayer, she felt heat cascade over her and she felt like things were leaving her body. Afterward, she checked her breasts and found that all the lumps had completely disappeared along with all pain!

A woman who had fallen into a pit and broken her arm went to the doctors, who put it in a cast, but it did not heal properly – it was twisted and misshapen. But during the prayer she said she could hear popping and cracking coming from her arm. Before her very eyes that twisted arm snapped into place and is now perfectly normal!

Another woman who had a back injury also heard the bones snapping and popping as the spine righted itself and now she is completely well!

As I was praying for the sick and rebuking sicknesses, demons began to manifest all over the place. Many were violently thrown to the ground as the demons were leaving their bodies. This mass deliverance that started tonight will continue tomorrow night. I will be breaking the familiar local curses in the name of Jesus and we will burn the articles of witchcraft that are brought; charms fetishes, amulets, idols etc.”

Please pray for a mighty and complete deliverance tomorrow for the people of Kampala.

CfaN published on 7 June that there came in this campaign 150.660 people to the Lord.

5. Quote

"If people die of hunger is it not the fault of God, but of you and me that did not feed them.”

Mother Theresa

6. Dutch Foundation Support Christian Ministries
(a non-profit foundation and as such recognized by the Dutch Tax Office)

This Foundation has been founded by the son of Teun and Tessa de Ruiter, to support missionaries, evangelists and pastoral workers. The foundation also supports now Teun and Tessa in the last phase of their life and ministry. In 2011 Teun resigned at the age of 73 as pastor of the local Pentecostal Church in Hilversum, Holland. He and Tessa served there as pastors for 20 years after their 27 years of ministry in the Bible College. They do now no longer receive a regular income. We gladly receive any donation for them in the account of the foundation 'Support Christian Ministries,' in Leusden, Holland. The account is and the IBAN code is NL70ABNA0447111973

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