Cloning of a man, don't do it!

Pastor T. J. de Ruiter

A new issue for philosophical, religious and ethical debate: Cloning of human beings. This is surely not unnecessary for the first cloned human being is born according to claims of an occult religious group in The Netherlands.

Let me be clear about it: Cloning puts aside the natural process of reproduction. A new human being comes into existence through the fusion of the cell nucleus of a male and a female, this is a basic law of life on this planet as designed by the great Creator God. Cloning however makes of one man a new one, that - so is expected - will be identical to the first one. Cloning is therefore very unnatural, tinkering with and messing up the deep forces and processes of the natural reproduction. Some may look upon cloning as a succes of scientific technology but it is far too early to be enthousiastic about it. Many scientists warn that cloned human beings may have genetic abnormalities and malfunctions, causing serious problems for them as life progresses. This serious warning is based on the experience with cloned animals, for they had indeed serious abnormalities. What abnormalities will cloned human beings have as they grow up? Nobody knows yet! Can we justify cloning to the grown up clones when they suffer because of their abnormalities, feeling in themselves the pains? How can we answer responsibly their saddening questions why they were put like this on this world and why this was done to them? According to my opinion these are important reasons not to clone a human being. Don't do it!

The idea of some that we can become immortal by cloning ourselves is not realistic. A cloned human being may have the same kind of physical of even psychical qualities as the original one, but he is a new individual with his own spirit, self conscious ego, intelligence, will with free determination and conscience.

If man would in the future be able to transport electronically the brain content - not the physical - but the whole of memories and intelligence data from one to another, then this would be the most serious breach of the originality of the new individual. Because the process of his own mental and spiritual development is for a great deal being taken away. Once again: Cloning, don't do it!

The Netherlands, 20 January 2003

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