Science fiction...?The Last Discovery!

Scientists are fully convinced that the secrets of matter and life will soon be disclosed. But, what then?

Scientists make statement to the press

On a certain day in the first decennium of the 21st century scientists make a statement to the surprised press: They have discovered the last secrets of matter and life. Now they know how everything is put together. Now they will be able to create life and new kinds of life. Experiments are being conducted in extremely protected laboratories, because they do not exactly know what is going te happen....

This went too far....

At a very risky and probing experiment something happenend that was totally unforeseen to the scientists. While they were searching for the deepest secrets of matter, something happenend what can be described as the opening of a secret door which had been closed to that moment. I call it the opening of a door, but it can also be named an 'penetration of energy'. They did hit on a still deeper dimension in matter. It seemed, at first, to be very exciting!

But.... something goes wrong and suddenly there is a loud bang. Something seems to explode and out of the machine comes a very bright, blinding beam of light towards the scientists. Nobody knows what is happening. Nothing reacts on the efforts of the scientists to keep things under control. They hear a light humming noise that grows louder till it is unbearably loud. Strange flashes of light shoot through the room. Then ... a voice is heard, it sounds at first like thunder. The faces of people in the laboratory turn pale and some faint. The voice speaks: "I am God, the Most High Creator, what are you doing here?" Someone finds strength to answer: "I was looking for the basic structures and energies of everything, that's why I am busy here. But you, or whatever you may be, spoils my experiment, and I had almost arrived, where I wanted to come."

The mysterious voice speaks again, clearly irritated and angry now: "You have come on my territory and without my permission, even with contempt for me. I have for centuries let you continue and have waited all that time for recognition of me, the Most High Creator. But you took me out of your teaching manuals and misled the younger generations. Listen... I have had enough of your messing about with the things I made. You disturb my order and make only more and more problems and a bigger mess of everything! And now you think arrogantly that you can make life. Do you really think that you can equal me? I have had enough of you and I don't tolerate it anymore. Now the end has come! Watch what I am going to do and you will know that my Spirit is the Source of all that exists!

An enormous fear grips those present, they flee in panic out of the building and keep shouting: "We have discovered God, we have encountered God! Run away from this area, for He is angry!"

Lightningflashes shoot from the laboratory, the whole building seems to radiate from within. It is shaking and the walls seem to have turned into wax, as the whole structure falls and dissolves as if it melted away. A strange, radiating cloud is seen above the place and it grows fast. What is happening? De scientists run for their lives and shout: "We have no control anymore! God is taking over!" The earth starts to tremble and people run in panic to the fields. Is this the end of the world?

There will be an end

There will come an end to the world, but if it comes in this way, I doubt very much. But, one day, the last baby will be born and the timeclock of humanity's history will come to an final halt. There will come a day when God says: "Now it is enough. Now is the measure full." In the last book of the Bible, the book of Revelation, we find apocalyptic visions about the godless developments of humanity. The book also speaks of Divine intervention and judgement. When this will happen, we don't know. It could be tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, we just do not know. Something else is that our life on this planet can suddenly come to an end. For instance through an accident, a sickness or a crime.

Do I want to make you afraid? Not at all! But every day thousands of people do die. What follows after death? Nothing.... or ... is there a continuation of personal existence after death, in other dimensions of life, time and space? Can you be prepared for what happens after death? Yes, you can!

The ultimate confrontation

This is what really matters: That you will know that God, the Source of all, really lives and that you will have an encounter with Him. This encounter is governed by Him and no human being will be able to escape this. He will want to know what you have done with your life on this planet and how you think about His Son, Jesus Christ. If you don't reckon with this encounter with the sovereign creator God, you will then have the most difficult moment of you entire existence. Perhaps only then you will feel guilty that you did ruin your life and that of others. But, listen, this confrontation with God can be completely different. Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah, who was identified as God's only Son, and whose life was pleasing to God from beginning till the end, has, by giving His life as an atoning sacrifice dissolved the most serious, existential problems of your life. These problems are those of sin, guilt and the broken relationship with God. But, listen, please, if you believe this message, the Holy Spirit of God, the Father, will make the reconciliation with God effective in you and you will know the meaning and power of forgiveness and fellowship with God. You will enjoy life, because you will feel free from guilt, destructive depressiveness and inner emptiness. And, one day, you will meet God in that higher life! Honestly, you realize only a little what Jesus Christ has done for you. It sounds perhaps crazy in your ears, but it is true!

T. J. de Ruiter, The Netherlands

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