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New evidence of their existence in other realms of conscious human experience....

Read this amazing report of somebody, that while being dead for 48 hours visited these locations and came back to life to tell the world about them!


Here follows the testimony of Daniel Ekechukwu, a Nigerian, who came back to life on 2 December 2001, after having been dead for more than 48 hours. This testimony and similar stories, also those of reanimated people, who had a short experience outside their own body and the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ himself, should make everybody aware of the reality of human life after physical death. Follow this link to read the story of his death and coming back to life and the experiences of doctors, family and pastors: On this site: The True Story of Daniel Ekechukwu, his death and return to life

When the body of Daniel arrived on the 30th of November 2001 by ambulance at the hospital, he is examined by the doctor. He diagnoses no breath, with his stethoscope, he hears no breath sounds, there is no heart beat and no pulse beat. Finally he said: "The eyes didn't move and were open. I couldn't conclude anything else than to certify that this patient had died and that the body should be laid in the mortuarium." The attendant of the mortuarium accepted him also as a dead body.

After having come back to life on Sunday, the 2nd of December 2001, and having regained complete consciousness of himself back in the body on earth and of the circumstances around him, he told about what he had experienced in the other world. What he had to tell is in complete harmony with the teachings of the Bible and supported by many visions of heaven and hell received by saints, from the earliest Christian centuries up to this day and from many countries.

The experiences in the hereafter

      In Paradise

Daniel continues his story. He tells about his journey into the other world. The two angels took him with them and handed him over to another angel. The angels had glittering white dresses, which seemed to be one with their bodies. The angel explained that he was going to show him several things; first he will take Daniel to paradise. "The angel talked to me as a friend," Daniel said.

Arriving in paradise Daniel noticed an immense crowd in white dresses. "Are they all angels?" he asked to the angel accompanying him. "No," the angel answered, "they are the saints who have died." Daniel noticed that they praised and glorified the Lord in an impressing and beautiful way. Their singing was very beautiful and he heared magnificent musical instruments, but he didn't see them. The most surprising thing for him was that they all raised their hands perfectly at the same time, kneeled and stood up again. He says: "it seemed, as if an invisible power led them to this collective conduct. Daniel felt a strong desire in himself to remain there, but the angel said: "I will show you much more, first we go to the residences, that Jesus has built for the saints.

   At the residences, that Jesus prepares for his saints

The angel that accompanied him took him to the residences, about which Jesus had talked, (read John 14:1-3). Daniel noticed marvelous golden, transparent residences. He said: "They are so beautiful that I cannot explain it. Everything seems to be golden and transparantly shining, even the most beautiful flowers. All is indescribely beautiful." Then the angel said: "The residences are made ready by Jesus, but the saints are not ready for them as yet."

     At the gate of hell

The angel said that he was going to show Daniel the hell. They arrived at a large gate. "Travelling from one location to another took just a moment," Daniel said. "I was immediately at the location, where the angel was going to take me. When I arrived at the gate of hell, I noticed a big sign above it: "WELCOME TO HELL."

The angel raised his arm with a jerk and took him quickly down. Upon this gesture the gate opened with an awesome noise. Daniel then saw innumerable many people before him. "People like here, brown and white ones." He heard weeping, crying, moaning. He saw no fire, "but," he said, "it looked as if the fire was inside the people. Many of them called me, pleaded me to help them and to make things it in order on earth for them. They didn't seem to see the angel because they only asked me for help. I wrote down everything because I got a pen and paper from him, and I shouted to the angel, asking what I should do. The most moving petition came from a person, who said that he had been an churchleader. That moved me, because I am a churchleader myself. He shouted that he had stolen money from his church. "Please help me", he asked Daniel, "I will pay the money back through you."

     Returning to earth with a message

Then came the final word of the angel. Daniel is allowed to go back to earth, he gets a second chance. He received a very important message of the angel: "The petition of the rich man is granted to this generation, as a last warning."

Daniel explains that he didn't understand this message of the angel. But  when he was back on earth he took his Bible and found the answer in the story about the rich man and the poor Lazarus in Lucas 16:19-31.

Back from death

      Daniel requests for his file

When Daniel came back from death on Sunday, 2nd December 2001 - hundreds of people witnessed his return to life - the first thing he asked was: "Where is my file, where is my file?" He repeated this question several times. No one of those present around him understood what he meant. One pastor even said that he "shouldn't care about the attacks of the evil one." But later on - as he could explain his story - it was understood what he meant. He had asked for the notes, he had been making in the other world. Daniel says of this: "Now I understand that the notes of all my experiences are written down in my memory."

     The resurrected Daniel visits the pastor and the doctor

On Monday, 3 December 2001, Daniel visited the pastor of the church, where his resurrection had taken place. The pastor tells later before the tv camera, that the body of the revived Daniël still smelled of the chemicals, that had been used in the mortuarium as a preparation for the embalming. The pastor tells about a Moslem security man, who had examined the coffin and the body when it arrived at the church in the ambulance. He had even removed the cottonwool from the nostrils of the body to examine it for hidden explosives. When this security man met the living person he was totally surprised seeing him. He concluded with a: "It is very startling, very baffling, completely incomprehensible." And all people, also many reporters, who came to get informed about this wonderful resurrection from death and were able to talk to Daniel, were dumbfounded. "It is incredible, that something like this can happen."

When he visited the doctor, that certified his death, the doctor said: "It all is so startling. Three days ago I examined a dead body and now he is here and I can talk to him: it is totally shocking. The only thing I can say is that God gets all the glory for this." An other staff member of the hospital says: "I understand nothing of it, I am still frightened of him.

T. J. de Ruiter, Pentecostal Pastor in The Netherlands


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