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Jezus Christus

Five reasons why Jesus had to go to heaven!

     A message of Pastor T. J. de Ruiter in The Netherlands

Scripture reading: Acts 1:9-11 


Some regret that Jesus went back to heaven. They think that if Jesus had stayed on earth human history would have developed in a positive way with much less calamities and evil. It would not have become such a terrible mess as it has.

When we, however, study the Bible thoroughly to find an answer on the question was it really necessary that Jesus returned to heaven, we find at least five reasons for the necessity of the ascension. We learn that we could surely be happy about His return to heaven and His stay there at the right hand of the Father.

I present you in this message five reasons for His ascension to heaven.

The five reasons:

1. To prepare the homes for his children
2. To be our Advocate before the Father
3. In order to receive the complete direction of the endtime developments on earth
4. To wait for and prepare the conversion of his own people in order to be accepted as
     their Messiah and King
5. To pour out the Holy Spirit and his power on the believers  <> 

1. To prepare the homes for his children

Please read John 14:2. Jesus went to heaven to prepare dwellings for his believers. When these homes are ready, He will return.

Believers can say that when they are dead they are not really dead but have changed their address for then they are then in their heavenly home. The evangelist Billy Graham has made a statement in which he declared his faith in his new home in heaven after he has died. At the time I write this message (2009) he is ninety years of age.

The Nigerian Pastor Daniël Ekechukwu had on 30 November 2001 a terrible car accident and died in an ambulance on its way to the hospital. Doctors verified his death and his father testified that his body was as stiff as a dried fish! Nearly 50 hours after he had died he came back to life as result of the prayers of his wife and pastors who had gathered around his dead body. After had come back to life he remembered all the experiences he had while being dead. He could tell that an angel took him to the homes Jesus had prepared for his believers and that they were beautiful. The angel said that the dwellings are ready but the believers, the saints, are not yet ready for them.

2. To be our Lawyer (Pleader) before the Father

Please read 1 John 2:1. Who of us never sins? I confess that since I believe in Jesus I have sinned many times in thoughts, words and deeds.  Where would I now have been if I had not Jesus in heaven pleading for me with the Father? For me and all who believe Jesus pleads on the ground of His own atoning sacrifice with the Father that He will forgive us. Jesus has surely a powerful case to plead you and me free from guilt. We should be very grateful to Him for His historic atoning sacrifice, bearing our guilt in His body on the cross and His present pleading for us before the Father. Take could courage and thank Jesus if you are conscious of sin right now for Jesus is pleading for you and He is surely always successful!

3. In order to receive the complete direction of the endtime developments
    on earth

Please read Revelation chapter 5:5-7 and chapters 6, 7 andl 8.

Jesus went to heaven to receive the entire direction of and control over the endtime developments and events. When the book with the seven seals has to be opened only He is worthy to do that. He opens seal after seal and each time tremendous events take place on the earth and in the sky around it.

I am sure of it that the direction of and control over the endtime developments can be at best be done in and from heaven. Heaven is after all the best place to watch the whole world and to take and execute the important decisions at the right time. I am sure that Jesus is the best person to have the temporal and eternal future in His hands!

4. To wait for and prepare the conversion of his own people in order to be
      accepted as their Messiah and

Please read Zechariah 12:10, chapter 13 and other prophecies.

Jesus ascended to heaven to wait for and prepare with the Father the day that He will be welcomed and accepted by His own people as their Messiah and King. Heaven is of course the best place to wait for and prepare that most important event. For if this had to be realized in the political situation after His crucifixion and resurrection only a great war would have subdued His own people and the Roman Empire to become the King of Israel and the whole earth. We have to conclude that it was then – after His crucifixion - not the right time, politically and internationally to become the King on the throne of David. So there will come a day that His own nation will welcome Him. Prophets of Israel itself have foreseen this happening. Please read Zechariah 12:10.

Jesus will come back with His saints, the true Church. Those that had been faithful to Him will reign with Him and be placed in governmental positions to bring all nations, tribes and peoples under His control. In this way the long promised Kingdom of peace and righteousness will cover the whole earth (Isaiah 9:6; Micah 4:1-14; Zechariah 14:9; 2 Timothy 2:12).

What a day it will be when Jesus will come back and become the King of Israel and the whole world! His people Israel will then finally have reached her God-given destiny. It shall truly be a wonderful day not only for them but for the whole world!

5. To pour out the Holy Spirit with His power on the believers

Please read John 14:16-18 and Acts 1:8. Jesus himself told the disciples before he suffered and died that he had to return to send from the Father  the Holy Spirit. He called Him 'The Spirit of truth and the Paraclete in the Greek language. The Greek name 'Paraclete' can be translated as the Comforter, the Counselor, Advocate or Strengthener. Jesus said that it was better for them that He would return otherwise He could not send the Spirit of truth. He would not leave His disciples as orphans alone but He would come to them in the Person of the Spirit to be always in, with and beside them.

This promise must have been very comforting to His disciples for with the Spirit He could always and anywhere be present, simultaneously and forever with every believer, for the Holy Spirit has no physical or other limitations. The wonderful promise is that the Holy Spirit will be with the believers till the end of this age. So, He is also with all believers living in these days.

Surely, if you are a believer, you should be happy that Jesus returned to heaven for He is there for you too!

In Closing

Please remember that, if you have sinned and doubt that God will forgive you, you have Jesus as your Defender in heaven and He will surely be pleading for you. Please, do believe that the Father forgives you for Jesus' sake.

If you are sick or old, and the end of your life here is approaching rapidly, please remember that He has prepared a wonderful home for you in heaven.

If you, Christian, feel weak and tired, please open your heart for the Comforter, the Strengthener, the Counselor, for He is able to comfort and strengthen you above human possibilities.

I encourage you to be very thankful to the Lord in heaven for all He is doing for you. Sure, you too should be thankful that He went to heaven. Praise and worship Him, who is sitting at the right hand of God.


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