Testimony Teach All Nations

Mathew 28:20:
"Teach them to observe all that I have commanded you."

The historic foundation of giving the name 'Teach All Nations' to our second site is the command of our Lord Jesus Christ to go into all the world and preach the Gospel and teaching them all that He commanded and taught the apostles. Below I give my testimony about my historic experiences how this command was impresed on my heart.

It was the year 1963, the year after I graduated from the Bible College of Wales in Swansea, when I had returned from a Mission of several months In Yorkshire, England, that I attended again the Assemblies of God Tabernacle in Brynmawr, South Wales, the little town, high in the mountains, where Tessa lived. I had attended that small church regularly when I stayed in Brynmawr. One Wednesday, I attended the midweek prayer service, where I often gave a word. After the service a godly elder, mr. Cliff Bythell approached me and said; “Teun, I am sure that the Lord spoke to me that you will become a teacher.” My first thought was: “I do not desire such a ministry, I just feel called to be preacher-evangelist.” Shortly after however and just before we went to Holland, at that time Tessa and I were engaged, I felt God speaking to me and impressing on my heart that He called me indeed to be a teacher. Some years passed. We married on 7 September 1963, and did a travelling ministry in Britain and on the continent. It was in 1966 that I felt again impressed on my heart that the Lord called me to be a teacher of the nations. I had even a head printed on my official stationary for personal letters: “Teach All Nations.” Shortly after when we lived in Holland, in Rijswijk near The Hague, we got into contact with Roscoe L Leach, the first director of the Central Pentecostal Bible College, which was going to start in September of 1967. He asked me to become a teacher in the Bible College. My reaction was: “Our plans are to go to Thailand and work there as a missionary couple, joining there another missionary. His reaction was: “Well, If you will pray about it, you will perhaps see that by joining us as a teacher in the School your vision to be a teacher of the nations could be fulfilled through the young people that you will teach the Word of God.” Together we devoted time in prayer and felt the Lord leading us to accept the offer to work in the Bible College. We have worked there for 27 years as a teacher and some time I served also as the co-director. We helped to train about four hundred young people for the ministry and missions. When we left the college in 1994 the school gave me my first computer. Our youngest Daughter, Deborah, had to do some college training in South Wales, advised me to e-mail and use the internet. Then, one day, I began to realize the potential of electronic communications and ministry and the enormous potential to reach people all over the world with the English language. I started my website in 1997 with Biblical teachings. Now, in 2011, we have two websites in Dutch and English, ‘Inspiration & Insight,’ and ‘Teach all Nations.’ It is truly very gratifying to receive continually reactions from all over the Globe, especially when people tell us that they are blessed by what they read. We do give praise to the Lord for His guidance and hope to be able to continue this ministry till our last days.
To the glory of the Lord, our precious Saviour,

Teun J .de Ruiter, 21 June 2011

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