Make the Best Decision, come to Christ!

Everybody makes many decisions during his lifetime, some are good, but other decisions are later regretted. You won't escape the responsibility of making decisions. This page confronts you with a decision that is, I dare to say - the most important one of your entire life.

The decision I am talking about not only determines the quality of your present life, but also of the next one. It has to do with your attitude toward the most important Leader, that ever lived: Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah of 2000 years ago, Who died on a cross to take away our guilt of sins before the Almighty Creator God. By faith in Him you will experience the power of his saving and healing word in your life. But, perhaps, you will ask me now: "What is faith really?"

The real, Christian faith begins with a personal decision to put your trust in Jesus Christ. You will believe that He taught the truth and that the style of living, that He lived, is the best way of living for human beings. To be absolutely clear, I am not talking now of Churchmembership, but about the personal faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.  As a Christian you believe that you have received forgiveness of sins because Christ died to pay off your guilt on the cross and you are prepared to live a life, that honours God and edifies your fellow human beings.

Becoming a member of a good church is of course also very important and will be the next step. In a good church you will receive teachings and Christian love. Together with other believers you can work to win others tot Christ. Christians read much in the Bible for this wonderful book tells them about God, Who He is and what He expects of us. Christians also like to pray, because they experience in prayer fellowship with God. True, sincere Christians do not pray just to receive good things from God, but because they enjoy having contact with God. There are many that do not understand that the true Christian Faith is in essence a personal trust in- and commitment to Jesus Christ. I hope that you do understand now.

If you really are going to believe in Jesus Christ, you will receive a wonderful Gift of Him, His Holy Spirit. He will give power and wisdom to testify to your faith in the Saviour. You will also receive a burning desire to bring others in touch with Him. Because God is spirit, He is present everywhere and so He is always reachable and available. Because He is good by nature you may ask Him to supply all you need. When you are sick, you may ask for healing and you may stir faith within you for a healing touch of the powerful Holy Spirit. Many preachers and churchworkers do now pray for the sick. When you receive healing from the Lord, you will give Him the honour for it, for the one, who prayed for you, is only an instrument in Gods hand, for God is the Healer..

You can come to Jesus Christ and become a true believer. Please, pray this prayer with your whole heart:


"Lord Jesus Christ, I am a sinner, but I confess my sins. I do now believe that the Almighty God has forgiven my sins because of your death on the cross. For this I am very thankful toYou, Jesus Christ and therefore I dedicate my life to You. I open my heart to receive from You your Holy Spirit. He will give me new strength for my spirit, soul and body and will help me to continue believing in You. Thank You for the gift of eternal life. Thank You, Lord, that by faith I have become a child of God. Thank You for your blessed, saving and healing touch on my life today. Amen."


I congratulate you when you did actually pray this prayer and came to Christ, perhaps for the very first time. You have become a real Christian, a child of God. You have just made a fantastic new start in life and you may expect miracles from God, for He loves you so much. Remember always: You cannot be a loser when you believe in Jesus Christ!

P. S.

Why not write me, having prayed this prayer? Tell me of your experience. God wants to fill you and powerfully touch you with His Holy Spirit. Of course, you may also write me if you have questions or worries.

With a greeting and a blessing,
T. J. de Ruiter, Pentecostal Pastor & Bible Teacher in The Netherlands

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