Science knows the genes, that make us, but.... who made the genes?

Scientists have discovered the complete DNA of the human being with all its genes and almost know the function of each gene. This knowledge will cause a revolution in medical science. The genes make us, so we are told, and undoubtedly that is true, but is it all the truth? In my opinion, it is not - and some scientists openly admit this too. Genes make us not only the physical person we are, but determine also the psychological characteristics of our individuality. Have genes steered the age long evolution of life on this planet from the simple to the complicated structure and form of us, human beings? Some suggest, they have. But where is the intelligence seated, that is needed to develop such complex, living organisms, as human beings? For surely, we are intelligently made, who will deny this? Genes make each one of us the unique being we are, so we are told, but... where is the intelligent, creative, steering, supervising power, that has to be at the bottom or at the beginning of it all? As the DNA with its genes is en highly completed, functioning system, an intellegence is absoluted necessary. So, I repeat: "Who made the genes and assembled them for each created being of its own sort?" Is this a stupid question and to be ignored? If a house is built of beautiful bricks and materials is it stupid to ask which firm made them? Of course not!

Honest scientists admit that every discovery raises more questions, and to answer them is becoming  more and more difficult. As we reach the limits of human science and come to the borders of what the collective brain capacity of the human race can rationally comprehend, is it not high time to bow our head in humility and admit: There is a Mighty Creator God, who must be somewhere and Who designed and made us? At this point knowledge is replaced by faith and human pride into true humility. It is great to know all the genes but it is still greater to know God, who made them and the intricate forces and structures that organize everything so efficiently. It is great that Jesus Christ, Who revealed Him to us.

I challenge each reader to become a believer in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Mighty, Living, Creator God.

July 2000, revised July2011
T. J. de Ruiter, Pentecostal Pastor & Teacher in The Netherlands

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