Job did not ask for euthanasia

Part of sermon 'The man Job' of pastor T. J. de Ruiter, The Netherlands

Preaching on the man Job in this land in which there is now a law on providing - under certain conditions - professional medical assistance by euthanasia or by making an end to one's life, it came to me that this man Job had abundant reasons to ask for help to end his life or to terminate it by himself. But he did n't.

Job did not ask for euthanasia

Scriptures have more to say about the subject of euthanasia and suicide than many know. Take for instance Job. Job suffered unbearably and hopelessly - let’s be honest about it. His wife gave him the advice, ‘To curse God and die.’ But Job accepted the suffering from God as he had accepted the many blessings in his life and he did not sin. He accepted trouble and kept His respect for God, who gave Him the gift of life. He did not ask for the lethal injection, he did not take a selfkilling medication. But according to the new Dutch law, the physician could have obeyed the request to perform euthanasia on Job.

Now, just imagine for a moment that Job and his wife would have agreed on euthanasia, as his suffering was almost inhuman and unbearable. His physician did perform euthanasia and Job died. Now, imagine Job entering into the presence of God in heaven. Imagine God talking to Job: “Job, what are you doing here? Why did you end your life? Job, man, I had such a wonderful plan for you. If you had endured till the end, you would have been purified and sanctified deep in your heart. And I would have been able to make the end of your life more successful and prosperous than before, for this was in my plan for you. Job, satan was, after all, perhaps right, you served me because I blessed you and did not give me the opportunity to proof to satan that you served me, because you trusted in and loved me. Job, you should not have agreed to euthanasia, you should not have decided to end your life.”

Dear sick ones, your suffering may be very painful and physicians do not give you any hope - that’s the situation now, that’s the present reality. And I will not trivialize your present pitiful condition, your terrible suffering. Of course, you may make use of medications that ease the pain and make life more bearable. There is no Scripture that forbids us to take such medications. But there is always hope unless we have to accept that the end has definitely arrived. And if there is hope, who knows what God can still have in store for you, what blessings will await you around the corner?  What precious lessons you will learn in suffering or what sanctifying work the Holy Spirit will still bring to perfection in you so that you will receive a glorious entrance in heaven? We just do not know, the future is hidden, but He, our Creator and Saviour knows. The experience of the man Job is the classic example of what can happen when we keep God in our focus.  Please, put your life in His hands. He has numbered your days. He will close your eyes and receive your spirit in His eternal rest, at the right time.

The book of Job tells and assures us that God can change everything; He is in full control even till the end of our days. And our last days may turn out to be the best - an amazing possibility! A seemingly hopeless life can be changed into a bright and wonderful future. Read James 5:11 and see that Job’s life is presented as a manifestation of God’s compassion and mercy. The good news for you is that this God is still alive today and He is the same. Jesus Christ has demonstrated this with great power. My advice is: Give your life in God’s hand, keep trusting Him, humble yourself before Him and give Him all the glory.

Pastor T. J. de Ruiter, part of his sermon, ‘The man Job,’ preached June 2001

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