Healed from RSI
a personal testimony of pastor T. J. de Ruiter

In the Spring of 2001 I developed what seemed to me mysterious painful sensations in my left hand. At first it felt like pins and needles, but gradually it became more serious. The sensations came and went. After a while it spread to my arm and even my leg. Especially when the sensations occured in my leg, they greatly hindered me. Sometimes they also came as I was playing the piano in our Church and had to exercise all my willpower to continue playing, even during congregational singing. And nobody noticed that I had physical problems. Sometimes the pains came when I was walking and had to slow down and lean against something - and, again, nobody noticed that I had a problem as I behaved as normal as possible. Our daughter and son-in-law, both medical doctors, thought that I could have had a stroke and suggested that I would apply for a scan in the hospital. But having been a healthy person all my life, I was therefore not in a hurry to follow their advice. I promised that I would take care, not work that long behind the computer and take a healthier position.

We went on summer holidays to Britain and traveled by car. Sometimes the pains came while driving, then I held the  steeringwheel with the right hand firmly and with the other in which this problem occured very loosely or rested this leftarm on my lap. At our stay in South Wales the painful sensations increased and it became clear to me that long driving was also not the best exercise for my body in this condition. I realised that this problem, slowly increasing, could be a serious hindrance to the continuation of my work. I decided to go to the Lord, the Great Healer of men. Then I prayed this prayer: "Dear Lord, if I am to continue in Your Work of preaching and teaching, for which working with the computer is a great means of producing as much as possible, then I ask You to heal me. I believe I am doing Your will with this ministry, therefore I thank You for healing me." Within three days the painful sensations disappeared and they have not returned! For this gracious, powerful and effective touch I give all glory to Jesus Christ.

To complete this testimony I must tell you that after having come back from holidays I have followed advices with regards to a healthy position before the computer screen and also the way my arms rest before the keyboard while typing. But I can truthfully say that though I work sometimes for many hours, writing my sermons, studies and messages, handling correspondence etc. etc. the problem has not returned. Thank You, Lord Jesus!

It is now just about a year ago that this problem occured and I felt a strong inspiration to share it with the world. Do you suffer from RSI (Repetative Strain Injury), why not write me, share this problem with me. I will pray for you and God will heal you too. Please promise to serve Jesus Christ and give Him all the glory.

Added in August 2011: This pain has never come back! Thank you, Lord!.

T. J. de Ruiter, 14 april 2002, 31 August 2011

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