Power of magic broken...!

a testimony of Sophie de Ruiter-Flokstra

Our daughter in law, Sophie, born in the Netherlands, in a family with an Indonesian mother, that before her birth actually lived in Indonesia, told us the following experience.

When she was twenty years old she went for holidays to Indonesia. One day received there from a boy a present: A little bamboostick with some signs carved out in it. She thought nothing wrong with it, as she knew that boys that were fond of a girl did sometimes give such presents. But after a while she began to feel 'no longer herself' anymore. A kind of mist or fog covered her thinking and emotional life. Her father, who was at that time a Pentecostal preacher, became alarmed and thought if magic powers. After prayer and some searching talk with his daughter he was sure that there was a magig power exercised upon her. He search the house and found that bamboostick. He knew immediately that a bow had exercised a 'magical power' upon his daughter to get her. He said: "I was led to the place where that forgotten bamboostick was still lying." The stick was burned immediately and in prayer in Jesus' Name his daughter was set free from this power.

Our daughter in law testifies that she began to feel herself again. She also told us that it does happen that Indonesian boys, who want to have a girl in their power sometimes use bamboosticks or other objects, e.g. a photograph, carved with astrological or other occult signs. Sometimes also they speak magic words over them.

Magic powers can exert harmful magic powers and as a result people can become depressive or strangely ill. These powers do not have always, of necessity, such effects - some people do not experience anything harmful. There has to be a certain 'sensitivity', a vulnerability or weakness. Read the comments, follow the link.

September 1998

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