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I. Comments on- and conclusions from the testimonies of Rhonda Eanes and Tessa de Ruiter
II. Comments on the Testimony of Sophie De Ruiter-Flokstra
    a. Dutch / Nederlands: Commentaar bij het getuigenis van Sophie De Ruiter-Flokstra

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I. Comments on- and conclusions from the testimonies of Rhonda Eanes and
   Tessa de Ruiter

The experience of Tessa, who saw in a vision her daugther Grace, who had died at a very young age and the experience of Rhonda, who saw here aborted child in heaven, are not unique. It is known that more women have seen similar visions of their children as, living human beings with Jesus in heaven. A careful, respectful and honest examination of these experiences will not lead to the view that these visions or trancelike consciousnesses -or whatever you may call them- are mere hallucinations, but that they are gracious gifts of the Holy Spirit. There is a wonderful healing value in them, which is only fully appreciated by those, who have had the actual experience. The vision of the aborted child of Rhonda Eanes means that when an abortion is done, we indeed kill a defenceless, weak, helpless human being. When one thinks about the murder of these little ones: Sometimes being cut or torn to pieces, and whose remains are often thrown into a litterbin, as if the unborn child was an 'it' and not an 'he' or 'she', and then, how God, the Creator and Sustainer of all life receives them into heaven, one can only ask for forgiveness and hope for repentance and revival in our rotten society. Furthermore we can learn that heaven is a wonderful place, where unborn children, who were aborted, young children, who died before the world could get her grip on them and all others, young and old, who loved Jesus, are living in the presence of Jesus and his angels.

Another observation we can make from these visions, which is in harmony with our primary source of heavenly revelations, the Bible, is this one: Human intelligence, emotion and memory will remain in function in the heavenly life, so that there can also be an identification of precious loved ones, saints and angels. Sometimes even dying people recognise Jesus, angels and loved ones. Stephen recognised Jesus standing at the right hand of God. Paul recognised Jesus appearing to him. In Phil. 1:23 he desired to be 'with Christ' in heaven. All this makes only sense when there is a recognition and identification of each other in heaven. Jesus and the disciples with him on the mount of transfiguration recognised Moses and Elijah. The comforting teaching of Paul in 1 Thess. with regards to the coming of the Lord and our union with him, makes only sense if there is a recognition and identification, "Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them (the dead) .... And thus we shall always be with the Lord...."

Lastly, we must not think that children remain a child in heaven. Visions such as the godly Sadhu Sundar Singh and others had, even the vision of my wife Tessa (Grace was six when she died) and of Rhonda, learn that children are growing up in heaven and -as Sundar Singh saw it- taught by the angels. We can conclude that wonderful surprises are awaiting those, who believe in Jesus and who lost unborn or young children. Surely, heaven is a wonderful place!

Have you had a similar experience? Please, write us about it. Or feel free to share with my wife -or me- your hurt, maybe long suppressed or hidden and let us pray for you..... We believe that the Spirit of the Lord is healing everywhere, glory to the WONDERFUL NAME OF JESUS!

II. Comments on the testimony of Sophie (Nederlandse vertaling staat eronder)


First of all a warning. Christians must not think that they are automatically - because they 'believe or 'go to church' - invulnerable for such magic powers, which have had often curses 'built in'. Christians need to walk closely with the Lord (a conscious 'abiding in Him') with an intimate prayerlife and willfull obedience to do the will of the Father in order to be spiritually protected and actively militant against these forces.


These are the days of an increasing activity of occultism and magic. Believers who are confronted - completely unexpected - with strange illnesses, physical and/or psychological, with depressiveness, unexplainable fear- or panicattacks, could examine the possibility of an active curse or of magical powers together with responsible christians. Suspect objects, like Boeddha or dragon statutes and pictures, eastern weapons, books on occult sciences and gifts with strange, e.g. astrological symbols. They could be made 'tools' of magical powers. Examine if there is a special attachments to a suspect object.

The Spirit of Jesus Christ van give insight in hidden causes of problems as told in the story above. Perhaps unnecessary I do point out that we must not think that there is a magic or occult power behind every depressiveness or strange illness.

The spiritual action, as described above does not exclude a medical consultation. On the contrary, I do advise to consult a medical doctor. When he too finds it all strange and inexplicable, there is one more reason to consider occult powers.


In 1 Corinthians 10:23-33 Paul, the apostle, refers to food that had been dedicated to idols. We understand from Paul's writing that some Corinthian Christians believed that this food was 'magically empowered'. Some believers were afraid that by eating such food they might sin and come within the power-sphere of demonical forces. Paul is trying to make clear that when he blesses such food and eats it (vers 30) any occult or demonic power is eliminated! Here is an important and powerful truth: When you can bless something in the Name of the Lord and receive it as from Him, evil powers, which might be attached to it are destroyed! Paul knows that all that exists belongs to the one Lord and Creator, The Almighty God; read verse 26. The real question that each Christian has to answer for himself is: "How well developed and strong is my victorious faith in the one Lord and Saviour?"

Now, with regards to objects like Boeddha statures, pictures, eastern weapons etc. etc. etc. problems are a little more subtle. Ask yourself this question: Can I bless a Boeddha stature and receive it as from the Lord, place it on the mantelpiece and admire it? Can I bless a sword or knife, used in heathen cultures, receive them with thanksgiving as from the Lord and hang it in my house to be admired? Why should I admire and treasure such objects? Why should I have an emotional attachment to them? The only way in which I could admire them is from the standpoint of arts and craftmanship. But with regards to many of such objects we know that they were dedicated with strong magical intentions and in worship to idols and gods. We, Christians, know that most eastern cultures are soaked in evil and occult religious practices. With regards to eastern weapons we know for sure that they were dedicated to idols and designed to harm in service to them.


Finally I would say: Christian, be strong in the Lord; be consistent and loyal to your faith in the one Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Free yourself and others, when they are within your influence from anything that could be used as an attachment - even on the unconscious level of the mind - to unclean and evil forces. In Acts 19:19,20 we read that when idol-worshippers and magicians turned to Christ and were converted they burned their books of withcraft - they did not admire such books and put them back on the shelves, to be treasured as valuable literature! They understood that such books and objects remained a potential danger to those, that used them and others. Please remember: It is our responsibility to safeguard others from potential dangers.

I trust that this teaching will be an help and guide for many.

IIa. Korte Nederlandse versie van het commentaar op het getuigenis van Sophie

Christenen moeten niet menen dat zij automatisch - omdat zij 'geloven' of 'naar de kerk gaan' - onkwetsbaar zijn voor magische krachten, die dikwijls ook vervloekingen ingebouwd hebben gekregen. Er is wel degelijk een hechte wandel met Christus noodzakelijk (een bewust 'blijven in Hem') met een innig gebedsleven en gewillige gehoorzaamheid aan de wil van de Vader om zich niet slechts geestelijk beschermd, maar ook weerbaar te weten.

Onderzoek en dan... actie!

In deze tijd van toenemende bedrijvigheid op het gebied van occultisme, tovenarij en magie zouden gelovigen, die - geheel onverwacht - vreemde ziekteverschijnselen ontwikkelen, zowel lichamelijke als psychische - depressiviteit, onverklaarbare angst of paniekaanvallen - er verstandig aan doen, samen anderen te onderzoeken of er mogelijk vervloekingen en/of magische krachten werkzaam zijn. Daarbij onderzoekt men ook of er voorwerpen in huis zijn, die misschien tot 'magisch gereedschap' zijn gemaakt.

De Geest van Jezus Christus kan inzicht geven omtrent verborgen oorzaken van problemen zoals in het verhaal hierboven beschreven. Misschien overbodig wijs ik er ten slotte toch op dat er niet achter elke depressiviteit of vreemde ziekte een magische, occulte kracht behoeft schuil te gaan. De geestelijke actie, zoals hierboven beschreven betekent niet dan men geen arts behoeft te consulteren. Ik adviseer dit laatste juist wel te doen, want als een arts het alles 'raadselachtig' of 'onverklaarbaar' zou vinden, is er een reden te meer om aan occulte werkingen te denken.
T. J. de Ruiter, 24 sept. 1998, The Netherlands

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