Filled with the Holy Spirit

Tessa's personal testimony

I came in 1967 with my husband Teun and our first child, Andrew – then a baby of three months – to Holland. We were only three months in Holland when I began to find it very difficult to live in this country. I could not talk normally in this language and Teun was the whole day from home as he worked for the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship in The Hague. He assisted n the preparations for the three days campaign with Oral Roberts which was going to be held in the city of Utrecht. But being so much alone at home I developed an inner crisis and had gladly returned as soon as possible to Wales. On a certain day I was at the hairdresser and realised that I should seek the Lord to help me to get rid of this inner conflict. I got a strong conviction that I saddened the Lord with it. But I did not want to believe anymore in the Pentecostal blessing, the infilling with the Holy Spirit for power. As a result of my inner conflicts our relationship as husband and wife got also damaged. Still sitting in the saloon of the hairdresser I prayed something like this: "Lord, if there was ever a time I needed the power of Your Spirit, it is now. Please give me all you can give me."

When I came home from the hairdresser I felt that the peace of the Lord had returned in my heart and that everything was in order with Him. I knelt and began to pray. Suddenly I saw the Lord standing before me. He layed His hand on my forehead and when He touched me I felt the power of the Holy Spirit. It flowed through me and immediately I began to utter strange sounds I did not understand.  I was filled with a wonderful joy and peace.

When Teun came home from his work at the office of the Full Gospel Business Fellowship and sat beside me I told him that something beautiful had happened. I said: "Teun, I received the baptism with the Holy Spirit and spoke in new tongues." He could hardly believe his ears but my shining face told him enough. We gave thanks to the Lord and we do this to this day. All glory be to the Lord!

Tessa de Ruiter-Thomas, 1990, 18 May 2010.

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