Worship the Lord

The heart of the issue in worship is this: My life needs God's presence to work God's purpose in my life.
Jack Hayford

Quote by Samuel H. Miller:
Worship is the highest act of which man is capable. It not only stretches him beyond all the limits of his finite self to affirm the divine depth of mystery and holiness in the living and eternal God, but it opens him at the deepest level of his being to an act which unites him most realistically with his fellow man.
added: 14 july 1998

In worship we are the performers and God is the audience. Worship is bending the knee of the heart.
(worship digest 1 sept. '97, added 22 febr.'98)

Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, bow down before Him and bless His holy Name.
- Beautify your life with the standard of holiness.
- Bow down in humiliation and reverence.
- Bless the Lord with jubilant thankfulness.

These are elements of true worship; read e.g. Psalm 96:9, added 26 May '98, T. J. de Ruiter


Worship is a lifestyle and the only one that lasts eternally
milo@omcs.com.au / 19 nov. 1997

Worshiping is to...

- Quicken the conscience by the Holiness of God
- Feed the mind on the truth of God
- Purge the imagination by the reality of God
- Devote the heart to the love of God
- Devote the will to the purpose of God

In worship, we are the performers, and God is the audience...
Andy Rice, First Evangelical Church, Vancouver, WA, andy.rice@juno.com 1 sept. '97


Worship God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, because of His:

T. J. de Ruiter, 23 august 1997


Worship is the correct response to the presence of God

Doug Hanley in a 'Worship Post', july 1997, e-mail: dhanley@anv.net

In Dutch: Aanbidding is de correcte reactie op de Tegenwoordigheid van God


love Jesus and be lost in worship

I want to bless you all, worshippers of the Lord Jesus Christ, with the the closing line of one of the dearest hymns of Charles Wesley to me, 'Love Divine, all loves excelling': 'Lost in wonder, love and praise.....' Which is, according to my knowledge, experience and desires in the Lord, the ultimate spiritual blessing in worship: Totally being taken up in God, our soul and spirit flowing to God in adaptation, admiration and adoration. Then, and then only we find the ultimate, perfect and blessed affirmation of our personal existence as a creature of Him.

T. J. de Ruiter, Leusden, The Netherlands, 29th of May, 1997

-- Worship the Lord, because He is: --


Here is a beautiful thought, truthful, scriptural and very devotional. From Glenna Damerom, e-mailaddr. GJDameron@aol.com Date: 6 june 1997

To worship Him is to become more like Him and being formed in His image is all I desire. Worship Him with all your are.


A truthful admonition was written by Dean G. Thomas, e-mail: deanthom@mindspring.com

Worship is not about us and how we feel; it is about giving God the honour due to His Name. His Word, not our feelings, define that 'honour', which is due to Him.


Keith Scherer

On John 4:24 'those who worship must worship in spirit and in truth...'

At their foundation they link together inner subjective experience (created by the Spirit in our spirit) and objective truth (founded in the Word of God, meaning both the Scriptures and Jesus Christ). When these are separated, authentic worship is doomed.
added: 18 June 1997

Give Him (Jesus Christ) the Highest Praise


Worship the Lord, and: --

T. J. de Ruiter, 25 june 1997


God looks for worshippers

Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshippers the Father seeks. (John 4:23, N.I.V.)

God longs so much for us to worship Him, that he is actually looking (seeking) for worshippers. Therefore, He delights in honest worship from our spiritual being. If our worship is a response to God's love for us, then this will connect us 'in the Spirit' with God and shall both be satisfied.

Neil S. Hamilton


Setting aside musical style preferences

During my personal time of worship, I can use whatever music I enjoy. But during corporate worship, I must never allow the style or my dislike of it to prevent me from worshiping. If I can't put aside my preferences during worship, then I am not worshiping God - I am worshiping myself. I only wish that all of our congregation felt the same way.

Rick Averill


"Be still and know that I am God..." Psalm 46:10 (NIV)

We are commanded to stop (literally)... rest, relax, let go, and make time for Him. The scene is one of stillness and quietness, listening and waiting before Him. Such foreign business in these busy times! Nevertheless, knowing God deeply and intimately requires such discipline. Silence is indispensable if we hope to add depth to our spiritual life.

Chuck Swindoll, Intimacy with the Almighty; Encoutering Christ in the secret places of your life, Word Publishing, 1996


Quality of Worship (watching or worshiping?)

Read in 'Worship Digest 808', part of a contribution of Tony Wade:

I tell people that the 'quality' of their worship most often depends upon what they put into it. If you simply 'observe' then that's what you'll be -- an observer. If instead you 'enter in' to the same spirit and attitude of the person you're observing and if you begin to praise God for the worship -- then you'll be worshiping too

  Tony Wade, 1 july 1997

Note: Above statement was written as part of the discussion on the problem of people in services, who seem only to be watching when worship is being expressed by certain actings and who don't enter in the worship themselves. For instance: When someone is dancing, are people in the congregation just watching or also entering in- and participating in worship?

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