50 years married...
On the occasion of the 50th wedding anniversary of Teun & Tessa, 7 September 2013

Fifty years ago we walked through the snow in a little town, Brynmawr, in South Wales, high in the hills above Newport and Cardiff. Both of us felt something very lovely and beautiful awaking in us. After holding my breath......, I said: "I love you." Tessa's reply came quickly, with a: "I love you, too."

Our weddingday, 7 September 1963, was a feast with many relatives, friends and fellowbelievers. Tessa's Baptist minister, the Rev. W.J. Webber married us in Tessa's church Tabor. We are still friends with him. The regional newspaper gave attention to it as it was an unique happening for that village. It wrote: "A Dutch Pentecostal preacher married a Baptist girl of Tabor Church, Brynmawr." It was a fantastic day. Of ourse, we still have the pictures of us, as we stand between our friends and family.

God gave us four children. Andrew the first one; Elisabeth as the second child; Grace, the third one, but she died at the age of six and the fourth, Deborah. Now we have also 6
grandchildren. Truly we are enriched and blessed as grandparents.

Our 50th anniversary was a great occasion. Our children had - unknown to us - hired a bagpipe player in a fully dressed original  Scots bagpipeplayer uniform. He arrived playing in our back garden and gave us a concert on his bagpipe. It drew a lot of attention in our neighbourhood. As you probably know Tessa was born and lived some years in Scotland, but grew up in South Wales, because of an evacuation during the Second World War. A number of years ago we visited Scotland and stood at the place in Glasgow where Tessa was born and also were at her mother's grave there. 

We both are now retired and officially emeritus pastors of our national church fellowship. Tessa does not minister anymore, but I do still preach and give Biblestudies when invited.

Our marriage would not have taken place and continued this long, if the LORD had not come to save us and win our hearts for Him. Thank You, Jesus.

It remains our conviction, based on the plan and faithfulness of God, that the best has yet to come. Please, believe this for yourself too, even if the road of life is tough and rough for you presently.

This I read in the Bible:

Jesus said to those, who followed Him: "For the Father Himself loves you, because you have loved me and have believed that I came from the Father."
John 16:27

We serve a mighty and faithful God, our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.

19 September 2013
Teun & Tessa de Ruiter

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