Angels seen... in Elim, Hilversum, Holland

A true experience told by Tessa de Ruiter

Sundaymorning, 8 March 1998, turned out to be a very special service in our church. During the worship I heard voices singing that I had never heard before in church. The voices moved from left to right before the platform, where I stood,i till finally behind me. The voices were the most beautiful ones I had ever heard, clear and pure; 'Hosannah in the highest', we sang and the voices were heard above the voices of the congregation. I knew that the voices did not come from the congregation for I recognise easily those, who are close to the platform. The service continued and after the preaching, when the invitation was given, my eyes were continually attracted to the platform. Then I saw something that is very difficult to describe. On either side of the platform stood an angel. I closed my eyes quickly and was thinking: "Lord, this cannot be real." A voice within me said: "Look once more." I looked and they were still there, beautiful, with goldblond hair, clothed in white. They held In their hands a large golden horn, full of pure oil. I asked the Lord what they were doing and the answer was: "I have send them to serve and to anoint with my oil." I asked Him what they were waiting for and the answer was: The sign to start. "But, Lord, who will give that sign?" The reply: "You, when you will go to the front and tell the people what you see, then they will begin to move ." I had one more question: "Lord, why don't they wear shoes?" The answer: "Because Jesus is standing there and where Jesus is present, there it is holy ground." I went forward and got the opportunity to share and ask people to come forward to the platform were those angels were, ready to anoint with heavenly oil for strength and refreshing. As a result many came forward, there were tears and Jesus touched everybody deeply - the anointing was powerful.

Later that afternoon at home I was reflecting on what had happenend that morning. Suddenly it dawned on me that those beautiful voices I had heard during the worshiptime, were those of the angels, whom I saw later. They had been present in the service right from the start of it.

Comments of the pastor

I was playing keyboard during the worship and it had struck me that the other players played exceptionally well. Especially the pianist, who is an aged lady. I noticed that she played with exceptional strength and sparkling beauty. I remember that as I was playing I looked several times in her direction and was thinking : "Wow, you play phantastic." Later, when I heard about the angelic experience of my wife, I knew too, why! The angels had radiated inspirational energies to the musicians and singers.

My prayer is: "Do it again, Lord. We need in The Netherlands the support, help and ministry of your angels."

T. J. de Ruiter, pastor

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