Deliverance, a testimony
      Jean Neil

Deliverance from.... occult bindings
a testimony of Jean Neil, by T. J. de Ruiter

Jean Neil from Rugby, England, who was miraculously healed as a result of a prayer of evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in the eighties, shared last month (january '98), during her visit with us in Holland, the following testimony.

In 1997 Jean was ministering on the Isle of Wight and stayed in the home of pastor Gutteridge. Pastor Cutteridge is used by the Lord to help people to be delivered from all sorts of occult bindings or bondages. He happened to show Jean Neil his list of occult practices or contacts which could have damaging effects in the body and spirit of people. On this list was also acupuncture, the healing-method from China. Jean Neil remembered that she had been treated several times with acupuncture in hospital, when she was still an invalid and not yet healed by the Lord. Pastor Gutteridge asked Jean if she ever was set free from the results of this healing-method. Jean knew that nobody had ever asked her about these treatments and set her free from them. Pastor Gutteridge and his wife asked Jean if she would like them to pray about this issue and command a new freedom from it in the Name of Jesus Christ. This they did and the result was most astounding - as Jean described it. She went down on the floor, lay there about half an hour curled up as a child and crying most horribly. Pastor Gutteridge and his wife themselves got terrified by what they witnessed. But when Jean finally stood up she felt that a continuous pain in her back had definitely gone - a pain she still had felt after her miraculous healing now ten years ago.


This testimony shows that when Christians subject themselves to occult practises, even healing-methods, which are  already accepted as good and effective - in Holland we speak of 'alternative healing methods' - they may need deliverance from the results of them if they want to be totally free. Eastern healing practices have usually as their basic, original belief a religious ground; the deification of cosmic powers, the acknowledging and worship of idol-gods with their influences or the glorification of religious leaders. The influences that are transmitted in these healing-practices may never scientifically be understood and explained, but, remember, these healing-practices themselves are not scientifically understood! And let us be sure about this: Spiritual powers are above our intelligent understanding, too! And this is a general, cosmic principle: Submission to powers cause bondage to these powers. So, if your reason says: Foolishness, this stuff about occult bindings -just remember how limited the realm is that is understood by the human mind.

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