I am the LORD, your Healer
Exodus 15:26b

Healed from varicose veins, a testimony of Tessa de Ruiter in Holland 

Twenty-five years I have suffered of varicose veins in my right leg. The leg became on many places blue, and later the varicose veins appeared and got inflamed in several places. I got medical support stockings, but they did not really help me. After a number of years I went for special injections, but the inflammations returned again and again. At last an surgical operation was advised. It brought some relief and the leg looked much better. But after a while the misery started again: New varicose veins, tired legs, inflammations and pain, so much pain that I could often not sleep.

A surgeon ordered a special examination of my leg and the findings were: “Very deep varicose veins, with some still left of the former operation. The valves in the veins didn’t function properly, and because of that the blood did not circulate sufficiently." The surgeon said: "Madam, it does not look good at all, your leg is in a very bad state, I can really do nothing for you. I rather would not perform an operation on your leg, for the varicose veins are deep within your leg. It would have to be a very long and complicated operation. If the pain becomes worse, then you may come back.” So, there I was, with the pain, and it became worse...

A Dutch evangelist, Jan Zijlstra, which is used for healing by the Lord in a mighty way came to our church in June of this year. At the end of the service he asked everybody, who needed healing, to stand up. At that moment I had pain in my leg as if somebody pricked me with needles. While I stood there with my eyes closed, I suddenly felt a hand on my head, a voice commanded the sickness to go and I felt a power going through me.

That night I had no pain and it has never come back since that healing touch! I always wore supportstockings - even in summer. But, praise the Lord, I have walked this summer without those special stockings. Brother Zijlstra did not know why I stood for prayer, but Jesus knew. He used br. Zijlstra to heal me. You can understand how thankful I am for this healing touch of Jesus. He is able to do far above what we ask or think - please, believe it!

Leusden, The Netherlands, 23 November 1999, updated 6 February 2012

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  Tessa de Ruiter

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