Getuigenis uit de opwekkingssamenkomsten
van de Brownsville Assemblies of God te Pensacola

This testimony is published with permission of Pastor J. Kilpatrick

Pastor T. J. de Ruiter, The Netherlands,1998

Testimony of Rhonda Eanes
as it appeared in the publication 'testimonies' of the Brownsville Assemblies of God, Pensacola, Florida.

Rhonda Eanes shared a beautiful and heartwarming testimony with the congregation. Rhonda had gotten pregnant but the father abandoned her and the unborn child. She made the difficult decision to have an abortion. After the abortion, Rhonda gave her life to Christ but because of the abortion she still felt a spirit of rejection. As she described it, she simply could not hold her head up because of the rejection she felt. She sought counseling to try and overcome these feelings but nothing seemed to help. During one of the services, God's spirit moved upon her and assured her that she would be delivered. In a vision, God took Rhonda on a visit to the streets of heaven. As they were walking, Rhonda saw a beautiful little girl and this girl walked up to. The child was beautiful as was her long hair. When she walked up to Rhonda, she said 'hello mommy.' This vision was God's way of showing Rhonda that He had forgiven her and delivered her from the rejection. Since this beautiful experience with the Lord, Rhonda can hold her head up because the rejection is finally gone. To God be the glory!

added to this file: 26 jan. 1998; for my comments and conclusions on this and other testimonies, click the link at the bottom of this file. Read also the the testimony of a similar experience of Tessa de Ruiter, click on the link below.

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