The truly amazing healing of  Steve Bramham

My name is Steve Bramham, I'm 52 years old. I have been healed by the grace of our Almighty Lord and Savior. Here follows my story and testimony.

In 1986 I severely injured my back in an on-the-job work accident. I ruptured two discs in my lower back at levels L4 and L5. After many months of therapy to relieve my pain, the doctors determined that surgery was needed. They performed what is called a lamenectomy and fusion. This procedure involves making an incision from the middle of my back down to my buttocks. They cut through several layers of muscle to reach the spine and donor bone from my right hip was  taken to use in the fusion process.

I was bedridden for nearly 4 months and not permitted to return to work for a year after surgery. But the pain continued. In fact it was worsening. About five years after the initial  surgery and with a constant level of pain, the doctors realized that the initial fusion had not taken  and was unstable. They wanted to perform a second operation and this time the doctors did what is called an anterior fusion; they went through the abdomen, removing all my internal organs and laying them out of the way. Then with donor bone from a cadaver they hammered two bone wedges into my spine, held in place with titanium screws.

But the pain still continued. I went through therapy, was put on every pain medication the doctors could think of, including Methadone, all with no results. I was in constant pain. The doctors wanted to implant a morphine pump to help control the pain.

I was using a walking cane all the time just to keep from falling down. Scar tissue had grown around the sciatic nerve where the donor bone had been taken causing my right leg to give way.

The doctors told me there was nothing else they could do and that Iwould have to be on medication for the rest of my life just to attempt to control the pain. I was at the lowest point in my life, even considering suicide as an option to end the pain.

In June of 1999 I was given a wheelchair due to the problems I was having with my mobility. Our youngest daughter, Kimberly, attends Kennesaw State University and had become involved in a youth group at Christ the King Church in Acworth, Georgia. Sharon and I started attending `Christ the King' Church for Sunday worship services and we really liked the pastor, the people of the church, and the message that was being taught. After being out of the church for nearly 20 years, we had found our new home. About three weeks after we started attending church, a wonderful lady name Delores Winder came to the church to tell the story of her miraculous healing.

Sharon, Kimberly and I attended the first service Saturday night. I found myself in the first row, aisle seat. Right where Delores was speaking. Delores spoke for about an hour and then said there were some there that were in need of healing and she started praying for them. Then she came over to where I was sitting and laying her hand on my head she began praying for me. She told me to give her my cane. I hesitated because I had just received this new cane and didn't  want to give it up. But she said once again, "Give me your cane." Then she told me to get up and walk. Getting up from the sitting position was difficult enough when I could use my cane. Trying to get up without it, I knew, was going to be impossible. I slowly started to stand up expecting severe nerve pain to shoot up my back and down my leg. But there was no pain. I came to a full standing position with no pain.

Delores told me to walk. Now I figured this would be the real test. Can I walk without falling down? Will there be any pain? I walked to the back of the church, then back to the front. I tried climbing the steps to the podium. No pain, Praise the Lord! I was totally free from all pain. The first time in over 13 years.

The medical doctors were amazed. I had a series of X-Rays done in January of 1999 as part of my routine checkup and at that time they showed bone spurs on almost every vertebrae, several herniated discs and three compressed nerves. That explained why I was in so much pain that even Methadone was not helping.

After my healing in June of 1999 they did more X-Rays and the radiologist told me that if it was not for the `hardware' still in my back, i.e., rods and screws, he would certify that he was looking at a different back. There were no bone spurs, no herniations, and no compressed nerves.

I am now able to work full-time as Director of Engineering for the CNN Radio Network in Atlanta, GA. I do yard work and am just now starting to ride a bicycle for exercise. My neighbor said I was the only guy in the neighborhood that actually enjoy taking out the garbage. The most important thing though is not the healing - while I certainly enjoy being free of pain after 13 years of suffering - but being able to follow Jesus Christ and minister to others that are still hurting.

One night at the house, my wife and I were studying the Bible and I started weeping uncontrollably. The Holy Spirit came over me so strong and told me that I should continue telling people about my healing, but that was only part of what I was to do. He wants to use the healing testimony to open doors to lead people to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord.

Our Lord is so awesome that I sometimes can't believe what He is doing. I've had the opportunity to speak in churches across the nation and across denominational lines. At every service the Holy Spirit touches someone's life, causing wonderful changes.

I'm an engineer by trade, so for me there must be a cause-and-effect for everything. Logic is always foremost in my mind. But the Holy Spirit is doing things I can't understand, and I have given up trying to explain the things He is doing. I just do what He tells me to do, no matter what my logic tells me.

I think that I am in a period of training now, but that at some point in the future He will have me go into full-time ministry. And I know He will provide for all my needs and that I should not worry or be concerned. I have put my trust in Him totally and it has given me a peace I have never had.

One day, I am sure, the Lord will have me travel to other countries to tell about how He touched my life and changed it forever. Maybe one day we will be able to meet and share more of what He has done.

Steve Bramham,

This testimony is published with permission and verified by pastor Larry Tomczak, senior pastor of 'Christ, the King,' Church in Acworth, GA 30102-2511, 6464 Hwy 92, USA

Photographs and fax are in our file,
Stichting (Dutch Foundation) Support Christian Ministries

Leusden; 3 March 2000

Visit the site of Steve Bramham ( and see for yourself how the Lord has fulfilled the vision to travel the world preaching Jesus, helping people and to see the healing power of God at work.

T. J. de Ruiter, september 2004

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